Transport Refrigeration Unit


High reliability and experiend “Quality Refrigeration Unit from Japan”

The MITSUBISHI transport refrigeration unit has inherited the DNA and technology of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

With proven reliability and long experience in Japan, we continue to respond to our customers’ expectations

Product Line-up

A. Refrigeration Unit for Trucks & Trailers


Refrigeration Unit Category Model Name

Refrigeration Capacity

At 0°C

Kcal/hr W
Reciprocating (Piston Type) For Small Trucks TD10C 1,000 1,160
TD14CX 1,400 1,620
TD22DX 2,200 2,650
TD30DX 3,000 3,490

For Medium and

Large Trucks

TD43DX 4,300 5,000
TDJ600D 6,000 6,980


(Scroll Type)

For Small Trucks TDS30 2,920 3,400
TDS35 3,010 3,500

For Medium and

Large Trucks

TDS40 3,750 4,300
TDS50 4,200 4,900
Self Powered For Large Trucks TU85SA 8,500 9,800


B. Refrigerated Van


Category Premium Type Deluxe Type
Insulation Styrofoam RTM Board Polyurethane Foam
Door Stainless Hinges, Plastic Curtains, Locking Mechanism, Doom/Clearance Light and Recessed Buzzer Stainless Hinges, Plastic Curtains, Locking Mechanism, Doom/Clearance Light
Panel Food Grade Glassboard FRP


3mm thick

Flooring Aluminum Checkered 3mm thick T-runner


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